What is 2SenseWorth?

What if we could actually radically and positively TRANSFORM society into a place where compassionate kindness, isn't just a desirable social condition, but IS the NORM? And what if such a society could exist EVERYWHERE... on a global basis? This is the goal of 2SenseWorth. 2SenseWorth’s mission transcends the meaning of a typical non-profit charity... The founders intend for 2SenseWorth to be a movement that will create lasting positive global transformation by providing all children the resources needed to achieve their highest possible human potential. The founders believe that a world where all people are given the realistic opportunity to achieve their full potential will be a more peaceful, compassionate, accepting and prosperous world.

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2SenseWorth is part of The Conscious Filmmaker® Initiative.

Your love multiplied by two pennies a day can forever transform the world.
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Serve the Children
Village Core International
The Child Health Foundation
Lifewater Canada
Maps Adoption and Humanitarian Aid
National Alliance to End Homelessness
Rights and Humanity
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